Baywalk Mall
Korean Wave Festival 2014. K-Pop Dance Cover Competition. Semi-Final: 13 September 2014. Final: 21 September 2014. At Grand Atrium Baywalk Mall.

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K-Pop Dance Cover Competition

K-Pop wave has been taking over the world’s attention nowadays. The hallyu (Korean wave) culture is trending through many segment such as Korean music (K-Pop) and dramas (K-Dramas). The K-Pop idols have influenced many people all around the globe, including Indonesia, and gathered so much followers who take interest in everything they do and produce.

To appreciate that kind of positive impact, Baywalk Mall proudly presents the very first KWF 2014 and will be hosting a K-Pop Dance Cover Competition in Jakarta, organized by onFrame Management. Calling out all the K-Pop fans from all over Indonesia to join the competition and share the blissful moments at the festival which will be assessed by the guest stars and judges from abroad!


Venue : Baywalk Mall, Pluit, Jakarta Utara
Date : 13 September 2014 & 21 September 2014



  • 1st : Rp 10,000,000,- + trophy
  • 2nd : Rp 7,500,000,- + trophy
  • 3rd : Rp 5,000,000,- + trophy

Other Awards

  • Most Favorite Team (Best Crowd & Fan Chant) : Rp 2,000,000,- + trophy
  • Best Costume : Rp 1,500,000,- + trophy
  • Best Individual Male Cover : Rp 500,000,- + trophy
  • Best Individual Female Cover : Rp 500,000,- + trophy




KWF2014 Dance Cover Competition Rules

  1. Registration requirement :
    • Register via web by filling up the registration form.
    • Registration starts August 10th – September 4th 2014.
    • Participant will be officially registered after filling up the form via web, and completed the registration payment Rp 150,000,- per team via BCA account 7040085470 a/n Meridiana Kristine (as deposit money that will be returned after the show) and make a payment confirmation via SMS to 087878359887 or 081932312303.
  2. Maximum participant 12 person per team.
  3. Maximum music duration
    • Preliminary round : 4 minutes.
    • Final showdown : none.
  4. Cover performance requirements :
    • Idol artist that will be covered at preliminary round and final showdown must be the same (No random cover)
    • Using medley of different songs at the performance is allowed as long as it comes from 1 idol artist.
    • Different performance set between preliminary round and final showdown is allowed.
  5. Double player is allowed. Participants are allowed to represent more than 1 team.
  6. Maximum official crew is 2 person.
  7. Participants representative must attend technical meeting which will be held on September 6th 2014.
  8. The performance’s arrangement will be announced at the technical meeting.
  9. Participants are prohibited to use any kind of props that will be littering the stage.


Peraturan KWF2014 Dance Cover Competition

  1. Sistem Pendaftaran
    • Registrasi via web dengan mengisi formulir yang tertera.
    • Pendaftaran dibuka tanggal 10 Agustus – 4 September 2014.
    • Peserta dinyatakan resmi terdaftar apabila telah mengisi formulir pendaftaran di web, serta sudah mentransfer biaya registrasi sebesar Rp 150,000,- per tim ke nomor rekening BCA 7040085470 a/n Meridiana Kristine (sebagai uang deposit yang akan dikembalikan di akhir acara) serta melakukan konfirmasi pembayaran via SMS ke 087878359887 atau 081932312303.
  2. Maksimal peserta 12 orang per tim.
  3. Maksimal durasi lagu :
    • Semifinal : 4 menit.
    • Final : bebas.
  4. Ketentuan cover performance :
    • Artis idol yang akan di-cover pada semifinal harus sama dengan yang akan dibawakan di babak final. (Tidak random cover)
    • Diperbolehkan menampilkan medley lagu berbeda asal dari 1 artis idol yang sama.
    • Set performance yang dibawakan pada saat final boleh berbeda dari set yang dibawakan pada semifinal.
  5. Peserta diperbolehkan berpartisipasi secara double player (tampil mewakili lebih dari satu tim)
  6. Maksimum official crew hanya 2 orang.
  7. Wajib mengirimkan perwakilan untuk menghadiri technical meeting pada tanggal 6 September 2014.
  8. Nomor urut tampil akan ditentukan pada saat technical meeting.
  9. Dilarang menggunakan properti yang mengotori panggung.


Registration Closed